My name is Fanny, I am 26 years old, and my husband, Gaël is 27 years old. We have decided that in 2008 we will cross the European and Asian continents on a recumbent bicycle over a period of ten months. To make this and other dream come true, in February 2007, we set up a non-profit-making organisation called "Cycloplanet" which contributes towards financing the recumbent bicycle expedition crossing of the planet and at the same time we will support a humanitarian cause with a part of financial collected contribution. The first objective of "Cycloplanet" is to support our expedition from La Rochelle to Beijing and the non-profit-making organisation: "Couleurs de Chine"

Further details:

We will cross the European and Asian continents for the non-profit-making organisation "Couleurs de Chine" which aims to educate very poor children from Chinese ethnic minorities from the province of Guangxi. We will leave La Rochelle on the 1st of March 2008 and we will arrive in Beijing in December 2008. We will cover a distance of 14000 kilometres in total self-sufficiency. We will travel through nine countries which are France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China. At the end of this expedition, we will help those minorities (children) in three ways: financing at least two children education over a period of three years, by financially contributing towards the restoration of traditional schools and an operation called
"Everyone bounces back" which will install basketball equipment such as shirts, balls, whistles, in five village primary schools in the Miao Mountain region in Guangxi (because it is the China's national sport). We are convinced that sport and education are two major ways to develop and excel oneself. Sport encourages stability, well-being and self-control, and education gives people a direction in life.
In order to finance all these projects, we have put on sale tee-shirts and "kilometre coupons" on our website: . Half of the profits are donated to Couleurs de Chine.
During our expedition, we will ask children we meet along the way what they think about school, what job they want to do later in life and what their favourite school games are. We have even written a questionnaire in the different languages of the countries we will cross. The aim of this questionnaire will be to help the children to understand the interest of going to school.

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